How may we help you?

Liberty Health Group’s goal is to educate and empower regarding access to affordable health care.  We give practical examples for helping with immediate needs, while suggesting long term solutions for communities.   In addition, we will make suggestions for redirecting money currently spent on health care premiums for long-term health care needs.


Did you know that health insurance premiums are not the same as health care costs?

Fear of the unknown is one of the main motivators behind the need for insurance.  Health insurance costs are increasing at a rate greater than actual medical expenses. Health insurance is expensive; Health care is affordable!


What are the health care options for my business?

The benefit of a crisis forces us to step back and reconsider what works and what does not work.  Business owners need benefit options hat help them adjust to an ever-changing economy.

Are you interested in serving your constituency?

We are a non-partisan company that supports politicians who are sincerely focused on helping their community, but without adding additional tax burdens.

Are you satisfied with the way you are delivering health care?

If you are looking for ways to modify the way you deliver care, we have suggestions for you to consider.  Liberty Health Group is solution-focused and supports those in the trenches of health care delivery.

There is hope!  Lab tests, MRI, surgery, and other needs are available!  

Routine lab tests are affordable;  MRI is affordable;  Surgery is affordable;  outpatient visits are affordable!

Do hospitals serve the community?

Hospitals provide necessary services in a community.  However, their billing practices have a negative impact on those in the middle class, and forces those on the margins to require significant tax payer support.  We want to highlight the hospitals that are serving their community with ethical standards. 

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Are you willing to help adjust the course of the health care storm?   Our goal is to chart a new course by highlighting problems and offering sustainable solutions for affordable health care. For many health care providers and businesses, THRIVING is a dream…SURVIVAL is a reality.  We want you to know that there is HOPE!

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