Why join?

Why should you consider membership to Liberty Health Group? We have a window of opportunity to address access to affordable health care issues with constructive approaches that will not bankrupt future generations. It is time we pull together if we hope to stabilize our economy.

Your voice matters!

We are looking for those interested in increased transparency regarding health care costs and less government involvement regarding your choices. As more members join this movement, we will have a powerful voice to speak for those who have no voice, while changing communities one at a time. If you want to help bring about change in our healthcare delivery system, join Liberty Health Group today and become part of the solution!

Your Liberty Health Group membership will provide . . . .

Note: We are in the midst of releasing more material on our website. You will have access to the list below in the near future, but make your voice count NOW by joining today. Your support helps us to generate the momentum needed to influence those who have an impact on our health care delivery system. We appreciate your support and patience while we grow and develop the relationships necessary to bring about change.

  • Access to sustainable, affordable health care in your community
  • Access to options for businesses to consider
  • Help those in a community who have no voice regarding hospital bills
  • Access to affordable health care providers
  • Access to affordable lab tests
  • Access to affordable diagnostic tests
  • Suggestions for community leaders serving their community
  • A resource for politicians

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